Plain, Stamped, Stained, Or Asphalt-Covered: What Will You Do With Your Driveway?


As you head toward a new driveway installation, have you decided what exactly you are going to do with it? Modern driveway options are not just simple concrete or asphalt-topped concrete anymore. You have quite a few options beyond that.  Plain Concrete Plain old gray concrete; it is basic, it is functional, and it is quick and easy to install. It can also be quite boring by comparison next to some of your other options.

2 February 2018

Insight To Help You Repair And Prevent Common Damage To Your Asphalt


Taking care of your asphalt driveway can keep it lasting a long time and will also maintain your home's exterior appearance. Natural weathering to your asphalt can begin to cause damage as soon as it is installed. Here are some tips to help you repair and prevent two of the most common types of asphalt damage. Vehicle Fluid Damage Your asphalt driveway can easily become exposed to fluids from vehicles and power tools, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and also transmission and brake fluids.

18 July 2017

How To Maintain A Concrete Driveway


Concrete driveways provide a luxurious and durable aesthetic to the front of your home, but like all outdoor installations, are susceptible to damage due to excessive weather, water, and elemental exposure. In addition, your driveway also takes all of the abuse that your cars and vehicles subject it to. Thankfully, you can do a few things to maintain both the appearance and the structural integrity of your driveway. Clean Spills Quickly

23 February 2017

Own A Business? Two Reasons Why It May Be Time For You To Repave Your Parking Lot


If you're the owner of a small business, you likely have a lot on your plate.  Maintaining the building, along with all of the duties that accompany heading a company can truly take up a great deal of time.  However, one area that you may have neglected is right outside of your front door:  Your parking lot.  Although you likely see the lot each and every day, you may not have considered having the parking lot re-paved.

30 November 2016

Things To Know About A Damaged Asphalt Driveway


Does your asphalt driveway look unappealing but you don't want to get it reconstructed? As long as the pavement isn't too severely damaged, it is likely possible for a contractor to make repairs to bring it back to a satisfactory condition. There is also a way to prevent other damages from occurring too soon after the repairs have been made. Here are a few of the important things that you might want to know in regards to a damaged asphalt driveway.

17 November 2016

Tips For Successfully Striping Your Asphalt Parking Lot


Striping is a necessity for your business's parking lot. Not only does a freshly striped lot look nice and improve the curb appeal of your business, it also makes your lot safer for your customers since everyone can easily where to park and where to drive. The following tips can help ensure that your striping job always looks its best. Tip #1: Start with a smooth surface Old asphalt that has begun to crack, fade, or become pitted won't hold striping as well.

7 November 2016

Fixing Up The Yard After Buying A Foreclosure? 3 Reasons To Prioritize Paving Maintenance


If you've recently purchased a home that was foreclosed and empty for a long period of time, it's likely that you need to take care of some maintenance to get it fixed up and ready to live in. While you may spend a lot of time fixing up the inside and even the landscaping outside, it's a smart idea to also take a look at the condition of the paving. Whether you're looking at the driveway, walkways, or even the steps that lead up to the front door, you may notice that there's been some damage to the paving that can make it unstable or simply bring down the curb appeal of your home.

30 August 2016