How To Remove And Prevent Moss Growth On Asphalt Driveways


Do you have an asphalt driveway that seems to constantly have moss growing on it? If so, there are steps to take to remove the moss and prevent it from growing again.

How to Remove the Moss

Use a spade with a flat blade to scrape the moss off of the driveway. Use enough pressure to scrape away as much of the moss as possible. Continue scraping the area to remove any dirt and debris that could cause the moss to regrow quickly.

Go to your local home improvement store and purchase moss herbicide that is metal-sulfate based. Stop and read the product label to look for any warnings for using that particular product on asphalt surfaces.

After you have scraped the moss and dirt off of the asphalt, treat the area with the herbicide. Treat the area when rain is not in the forecast for the next day or so. This will allow the chemicals to penetrate the surface and kill the roots of the moss.

Note: Overuse of the herbicide can cause damage to your grass or surrounding vegetation. Only use the product as directed and fight the temptation to continue spraying the area with the hopes of killing the moss once and for all.

How to Prevent Moss Growth on Asphalt

Inspect the driveway often. Look for areas where water is sitting on the surface. If you notice that your sprinkler system is getting the driveway wet, adjust the sprinkler heads to prevent it. Also, inspect the gutters and downspouts above the driveway. If they are backed up or leaking, they could be causing water to leak onto the driveway, providing optimum conditions for moss growth.

If there are areas of your driveway that are overly shaded, this could cause the moss to grow more rapidly. The sun helps to dry the asphalt more quickly, which prevents moss growth. Trim hedges and tree limbs that are overhanging the driveway so that the sun can shine on the driveway throughout the day.

When the weather is nice, get out there and sweep your driveway very well. This will help to remove the buildup of soil and debris that the moss could use to root and grow. If you find areas of excessive dirt, consider installing a raised driveway border to prevent rainwater from running onto the driveway and carrying dirt onto the surface.

These steps will help to keep your driveway looking great and in good condition. If you continue to have problems with moss on your asphalt driveway, talk with a paving company to learn more about what could be causing it.


19 February 2015

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