Creating A Safe And Attractive Space For Vehicles - Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Lot


While it is an extremely strong and stable material when used in parking lot construction, the component parts of asphalt provide a clue as to its need for maintenance. Because asphalt is primarily comprised of sand, gravel, and tar, it shouldn't be a surprise that exposure to the elements can risk damage to your surface and require you to be proactive with maintenance.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to maintain your asphalt parking lot. Following these suggestions will allow your lot to remain strong and attractive and can put you in a position to guarantee that everyone who uses it will feel secure about their vehicle's resting spot.

Seal Coating

Rather than running the risk of having to replace an entire asphalt lot, keeping up with your seal coating can restore or maintain your parking lot's strength and appearance. Consistent seal coating will prevent the crumbling effects that are sometimes seen with asphalt, and can also return it to the smooth black finish that may have attracted you to it in the first place.

Seal coating will also make your asphalt resistant to oxidation and spills. This is especially important in protecting against standard leaks that may come from vehicles, and can also mitigate the effects of both extreme sunlight and intense rainfall.

Crack Sealing

As the temperature around your parking lot changes, the asphalt will tend to expand and contract. Over time, this can cause the development of fatigue cracks that can spread and cause your asphalt to fail unless they are quickly treated.

Sealing these cracks is an important step in maintaining the structural integrity of your asphalt lot. Many sealants are rubberized and, thus, are able to expand and contract along with the asphalt itself. This will provide a point of stress relief for your lot and can prevent cracks from spreading all throughout the asphalt surface.


Occasionally, the soil beneath your parking lot will fail or excessive water accumulation will cause a degradation in the flat grade of your parking lot. Whatever the cause, the development of rough patches and pot holes can severely hamper your lot's effectiveness. Thankfully, because asphalt is relatively easy to work with, your lot will be able to be quickly and effectively patched. This will guarantee that you can maintain a smooth surface that is easy to drive on and prevent these level degradations from spreading throughout your property. Talk to your local experts about paving.


12 March 2015

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