How To Get Your Yard Back In Shape After A Tornado


Climate extreme seems to be more than a buzzword lately, and one of the most serious effects of climate change is the increase of tornadoes touching down all over the country. Not just for Kansas anymore, twisters are tearing up lawns and flipping over sheds throughout the nation. Thankfully, not all tornadoes are killers but they do mess with a homeowner's lawn and garden. Here are a few tips for getting your yard back in shape after Mother Nature has reeked her havoc.

Get Rid of Glass Before Replanting Anything

If windows were shattered anywhere on your property during the storm, you need to go through your yard with a rake and hoe to find any glass pieces. Glass will impede not only grass and tree growth but can be a danger to the people and animals who use the lawn.

Consider Hydroseeding

If you have a large or sloping yard, hydroseeding may be the solution to restoring your lawn. Often laying new sod is prohibitively expensive when you have to do an entire lawn, and seeding by hand can be time consuming and frustrating. Hydroseeding services are offered by many landscaping companies, such as Rainbow Sweepers Inc., and even some paving contractors. They mix seed and mulch together to form a slurry and then spray it on a large area. The germination process is quicker than with sown seed, so you could see your lawn green and beautiful in just a couple of weeks.

Buy Older Trees Instead of Saplings

People may not be aware that you can replace your tornado-damaged trees with trees that are a decade or more in age. There is no need to start all over again with saplings. These trees require a bit of tender loving care in their first year, but in the long run are much hardier than their younger counterparts. Older trees are much more expensive than the young saplings but if you want to enjoy your lemonade under the shade of your favorite oak, purchasing older trees is the way to go.

Use Planters in the Garden

There is no way to replace all those gorgeous summer flowers you lost in the windstorm so why not get ceramic or moss planters and fill them with beautifully bright flowers and long grasses? You can then just simply take these planters and arrange them in your garden to get all the colors of the season back in your yard.

Tornadoes are terrifying and dangerous but you can recover from them. The sooner you get your yard back together, the sooner you can put the scary memories behind you. Employ the tips above and start making new moments this summer in your gorgeous and lush yard.


20 March 2015

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