Brick Paver Walkways Give Your Landscape A Modern Appeal


Your home should be beautiful inside and out, but you may be feeling that your home's landscape needs a little upgrade so it matches the rest of your home's decor. You can easily upgrade your walkways in your front and backyard with brick pavers to give your landscape the charm it needs. Learn the many ways brick paver walkways can be beneficial to your home's curb appeal.


Classic concrete walking paths offer one basic design -- gray slabs connected in a single line to lead to your front door or as a winding garden path. With brick pavers, you have versatility in design and structure. You can choose classic bricks in pink, red, maroon and brown hues to create a charming pattern in your walkways, or you can choose round or even custom shapes to connect into whimsical designs in any color you choose. Consider a turquoise walking path to highlight the dark tones of your home, or creamy white bricks with a few pale green pieces to make your front yard appear even larger.

Long-lasting and low maintenance

Concrete can crack or crumble over time, which leads to an uneven, worn out walking path that is uninviting to the eye. Brick paver walkways are easy to maintain and last for many years. With proper care, a brick paver walkway can last up to 25 years, needing only to be resealed when cracked edges are detected. Maintenance required to keep brick paver walkways looking beautiful is to rinse them off when they have grass or debris on them and to pull weeds and wayward grass blades from the walking path as they sneak in.

Update existing walkways

If your existing concrete walkway is in good condition, you can simply border it with brick pavers to give it a more modern appeal. This is a great idea if you have a smaller budget or simply want to widen your walkway. A paving contractor like Bonneville Asphalt & Repair, can install border pavers in any color or style you choose to make your current walkway more attractive. They can also place brick pavers along a porch garden or around your trees to add dimension and color to your landscape.

You can use brick pavers in many ways to create a beautiful walkway in your front or backyard. Brick pavers are a great way to upgrade an existing walkway or create a new one that gives your home a more modern appeal.


8 September 2015

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