A Guide To Getting The Most From A Sealcoat Application


When you want to protect the life and look of your asphalt driveway, it is no big secret that having the asphalt professionally sealcoated annually is the best idea. However, what many homeowners do not know is that it is actually possible to protect the life of a sealcoat application as well. If you have just had a fresh coat of sealcoating applied to your driveway, there are a few things you can do to help protect it so it will easily look just as good a year from the application as it does right now. 

Eliminate abrasives as soon as possible. 

Asphalt surfaces can get extremely slick during inclement weather, especially when they have been appropriately sealed. It is fine to use de-icing agents to eliminate ice and snow from your driveway through the winter, but do not let these products hang around on the surface for very long. De-icers contain sodium, which is an abrasive that will break down the new sealcoat surface over time, causing erosion and tiny cracks. Therefore, as soon as the ice and snow has melted and the temperatures have risen above freezing, spray off your driveway with a hose to eliminate any remaining residue. 

Never use metal tools to clean your asphalt's surface. 

If you spill a load of dirt or need to clear snow from your asphalt driveway, one of the first tools that you will likely reach for in the garage will be a good flat-ended shovel. However, using metal tools on your newly sealed asphalt is not a good idea at any time. The sharp metal edges will easily scrape down into the sealer layer and leave the drive exposed to the elements. Opt for plastic tools and snow shovels and try to remove debris by hand if you must to keep the sealcoating protected. 

Don't use harsh cleaning methods on a sealcoated asphalt. 

If your drive is starting to look a bit dingy after a good rain storm or a lot of heavy traffic, skip the harsh cleaning agents and methods when you try to clean up the area on your own. Abrasive scrubbing with heavy scrubbers in combination with chemical cleaners or even a pressure washer will not be kind to your new sealcoat and will likely cause damage to the surface. Use soft-bristled brushes, mild detergents, and only a hose to clean up your asphalt driveway if you it needs a good cleaning. Contact a local contractor, like LSC Construction Services, Inc., for more help.


26 January 2016

Maintain Your Paved Driveway With Ease

Having a driveway and parking lot paves on your property is an excellent way to ensure that you don't have to deal with mud, rocks, and tons of insects every time you leave the house or head back home. However, pavement needs to be properly taken care and maintained if you expect it to hold up to wear and tear throughout the years. Getting rid of the weeds is one of the biggest aspects to focus on. Weeds can grow right through the pavement and break it apart until cracks and chips occur if left unchecked. This blog was designed to help you maintain the integrity of your newly paved driveway so it stays beautiful for decades to come.