Tips For Filling A Pothole


If you have a driveway that is pock marked with potholes, you might think that you have no choice but to have your driveway replaced. While potholes are a good sign that your driveway is nearing the end of its service life, you can get a few more years of wear and thus milk as much value as possible out of your driveway by filling your potholes. As long as you have a strong back, you should be able to make your own repairs. 

Gathering Materials

Before you start your repair, you should assemble the following materials: a tamping rod, a sledge hammer, a chisel, clean sand, an asphalt patching compound, a piece of plywood, a gardening trowel. Make sure you have all of these materials close at hand when you start your repair to make sure you are able to complete the repair before the patching compound sets. 

The Procedure

Once you have assembled all of your materials, you are ready to start your repair. Use these steps:

1. Inspect the edges of the pothole. If you have overhanging pieces of asphalt, use the sledge and chisel to cut off the overhangs so that you can properly compact your patch. 

2. Use the trowel to remove all lose and/or organic material. 

3. Fill the hole within four inches of the surface of the surrounding asphalt with the sand and tamp the sand down.

4. Fill the hole halfway and compact with the tamping rod. 

5. Fill the hole so that it extends at least at inch above the surrounding asphalt and compact again. 

6. You may need to place the plywood over your repair and then drive over it with your car in order to make sure that it lies flat.

7. Repeat the above steps with all the potholes you have in your driveway. 

As long as you can handle hauling around a bucket of patching compound and working with a tamping rod, you should be able to make your own repairs. The biggest thing to remember as you complete your repairs is to make sure you properly compact the patch. If you don't, then the pebbles in the patch will begin to separate, and your pothole will start to form all over again. If you doubt your ability to make a proper repair, or you have already tried to make your own repair with poor results, then call in a paving contractor to assess the overall condition of your driveway and make repairs as needed. 


28 June 2016

Maintain Your Paved Driveway With Ease

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