Tips For Successfully Striping Your Asphalt Parking Lot


Striping is a necessity for your business's parking lot. Not only does a freshly striped lot look nice and improve the curb appeal of your business, it also makes your lot safer for your customers since everyone can easily where to park and where to drive. The following tips can help ensure that your striping job always looks its best.

Tip #1: Start with a smooth surface

Old asphalt that has begun to crack, fade, or become pitted won't hold striping as well. The paint will sink into the cracks and pits, causing it to flake off more quickly. Old asphalt is also more porous, which prevents the paint from adhering properly. Combat this by having the asphalt repaired and resealed before you have it striped. A sealant is little more than a thin layer of asphalt that is painted over the old asphalt after the cracks are filled. The result is a smooth, like new lot that will take the striping well.

Tip #2: Clean the lot thoroughly

Your lot should be perfectly clean before the striping crew arrives. You can have it professionally cleaned if it is quite dirty. Lot steam cleaners can lift much of the oil and grease that settles on an asphalt surface and interferes with painting. For a relatively clean lot, such as one that has recently been sealed, you may just need to have the lot swept before striping begins.

Tip #3: Have old lines professionally covered

If you change the layout of your lines, there are two ways to approach it. The first is to have a new layout implemented only after sealing the asphalt, since this process pretty much erases the old lines. The other option is to have the old lines professionally ground away by the striping company. You don't want the old lines to remain in any way, because this can look bad and it is confusing for your customers.

Tip #4: Schedule for the right time

Lot painting can take a couple of hours, but the paint itself usually dries within an hour or two. This means you do not have to interrupt business unless you are a 24 hour establishment. It's best to schedule painting for a time when temperatures are well above freezing and no rain is expected. This ensures that the asphalt will be thoroughly dry both before and during painting, which means the paint will cure properly.

For more help, contact an asphalt striping company like Gann Asphalt & Concrete in your area.




7 November 2016

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