Correcting 3 Concrete Finishing Myths


Concrete is a durable and popular material that is often used for the floors or walls in residential and commercial properties. However, many people will not like the spartan or industrial look of concrete surfaces. This can lead to them want to explore their options for creating a more aesthetically pleasing look for these surfaces.

Myth 1: Concrete Finishing Is Just Polishing These Surfaces

Finishing concrete surfaces is the most effective and easiest option for ensuring that these surfaces look their best. While it may seem as though this process will only involve polishing the floors or walls, there is much more to this work. For example, a person may be able to choose the type of design that will be included in the concrete surface. Additionally, there are stains that can be applied to further customize the appearance fo the concrete. This stain will allow for a person to have their concrete colored in a variety of shades so they can achieve the right look for their concrete. Designing the final look for you finished concrete will be a seemingly lengthy process, but it is important for the contractors to know exactly what they are attempting to achieve before they start this project.

Myth 2: Finishing Concrete Will Repair Structural Issues With It

Unfortunately, people may not think much about their concrete surfaces until they have developed structural problems. It is easy to assume that finishing the concrete surface will correct these issues, and this may be true for extremely small and shallow scratches as they will likely be buffed out. However, if the issues are deep, this will not be an option. The damaged portion of the concrete will have to be filled before the finishing can proceed. Otherwise, the look and durability of the concrete may be negatively impacted.

Myth 3: Finished Concrete Surfaces Will Be More Prone To Staining

Surface stains can severely degrade the appearance of both residential and commercial properties. Preventing stains from forming on the concrete surfaces in these areas can be vital for protecting the appearance f your home or businesses. While some people might think that finishing concrete will make it more vulnerable to staining, it will actually be hardened against it. As part of the finishing process, a coating will be applied to the surface of the concrete, and it will be able to block pigments from entering areas of the pavement where you will be unable to clean.

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14 August 2019

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