Insight and Details About Your Asphalt Pavement's Care and Maintenance


When it comes to adding a pavement surface to your property, having a solid pavement over dirt or even gravel will provide you more stability and increase property value. Here are some insights and details about keeping and maintaining your asphalt surface so it remains a valuable part of your property.

Understand Asphalt's Benefits

When you need a pavement for your yard to make a driveway or parking surface that is durable and going to last through the change of seasons and temperatures in your region, asphalt is a great solution. You can apply rock salt and other ice melt products directly on your asphalt in the winter months without worrying about damage to its surface, which can happen with concrete. 

And in the summer, heat on the pavement's surface will keep it a pliable surface to withstand cracking damage. As a material made of emulsion binders, your asphalt pavement will provide flexibility through the rest of the year. With pavement being such a large investment to your property, you can count on it being a more budget-friendly option than concrete, and once it is installed, you can begin using it the same day.

Your asphalt's upkeep will be a bit easier for you to manage, especially over other concrete surfaces. Asphalt pavement is easy to patch and complete repairs as a DIY option, and you can always hire an asphalt professional to complete repairs to the surface.

Protect the Asphalt's Edges

Once you recognize the benefits of your asphalt pavement, you will want to keep it maintained with the proper care and protection. The edges of your pavement will need to have the underlying support of a good foundation made of gravel, sand, or compacted soil to reduce the occurrence of cracking damage. Cracking along the edge of your pavement will result in the edges falling and crumbling apart. 

You may also choose to install an edge of concrete curbing around the sides of your asphalt pavement. This will hold the pavement in place and prevent cracking damage. Or you can use bricks, stones, or similar concrete blocks as an edging material to support your asphalt. Your professional asphalt contractor will also install the edges of your asphalt at an angle so they slope downward and provide flexible support.

Also, check the edges of your asphalt for vegetation growth from the lawn, weeds, and wild grasses. Remove vegetation growth on a regular basis and apply a non-selective herbicide to keep weeds from returning. Talk to residential asphalt paving contractors for more information.


1 March 2021

Maintain Your Paved Driveway With Ease

Having a driveway and parking lot paves on your property is an excellent way to ensure that you don't have to deal with mud, rocks, and tons of insects every time you leave the house or head back home. However, pavement needs to be properly taken care and maintained if you expect it to hold up to wear and tear throughout the years. Getting rid of the weeds is one of the biggest aspects to focus on. Weeds can grow right through the pavement and break it apart until cracks and chips occur if left unchecked. This blog was designed to help you maintain the integrity of your newly paved driveway so it stays beautiful for decades to come.