5 Tips For Maintaining An Asphalt Driveway


A new asphalt driveway can greatly add to the curb appeal of your home, while also making parking easier. But if you want your asphalt driveway to last for many years, it is important that you know how to properly care for it. Use the following tips to maintain an asphalt driveway and keep it in good condition: Don't Park on the Driveway Immediately Compared to concrete, asphalt is a softer, more porous material that requires ample time to properly set.

1 December 2015

Paving 101: Four Tips For Working With Concrete In The Winter


If you are wanting to remodel your home or lawn with concrete, you will probably be told to do it in the spring or summer. While it is easier to work with concrete in the warmer months, it isn't impossible to do it during the winter. With the right knowledge and precautions, you can redo your your outside concrete even in the coldest winter months. Here are five tips to help get you started:

29 October 2015

Brick Paver Walkways Give Your Landscape A Modern Appeal


Your home should be beautiful inside and out, but you may be feeling that your home's landscape needs a little upgrade so it matches the rest of your home's decor. You can easily upgrade your walkways in your front and backyard with brick pavers to give your landscape the charm it needs. Learn the many ways brick paver walkways can be beneficial to your home's curb appeal. Variety  Classic concrete walking paths offer one basic design -- gray slabs connected in a single line to lead to your front door or as a winding garden path.

8 September 2015

What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Lot


When you own a business, it's easy to forget about maintaining your parking lot, but it is an important feature. Without a good parking lot, it's difficult for people to reach your business. If you have your own asphalt parking lot, check out these five must-know facts, so you can ensure your parking lot remains solid and strong.  Sealcoat Protects Sealcoat can drastically improve the life of your asphalt parking lot because it protects it from so many common dangers including weather, traffic and oxidation.

11 August 2015

Perfect Your Patio To Sell: 3 Cleaning Tips For Your Asphalt Patio


Removing clutter, making repairs, and staging furniture and d├ęcor are all important tasks you need to complete before placing your house on the market to sell. However, cleaning your home's outdoor living space is also necessary. Considering a patio is one of the top 10 features buyers hope for in a house, ensuring your patio is clean and in good condition is key. Using these tips, your asphalt patio will be clean and appealing to potential buyers.

26 June 2015

3 Reasons To Pave Your Parking Lot With Asphalt


Asphalt is an outstanding material to use for both parking lots and residential driveways, mostly because of the many benefits that this material can provide. Asphalt is durable, flexible, and ideal for cold weather conditions. Durable One of the biggest benefits to asphalt is that it can take quite a lot of punishment. With an asphalt parking lot, you will not have to worry about a customer dropping a heavy purchase or large item on the ground and cracking your paving.

22 May 2015

How To Get Your Yard Back In Shape After A Tornado


Climate extreme seems to be more than a buzzword lately, and one of the most serious effects of climate change is the increase of tornadoes touching down all over the country. Not just for Kansas anymore, twisters are tearing up lawns and flipping over sheds throughout the nation. Thankfully, not all tornadoes are killers but they do mess with a homeowner's lawn and garden. Here are a few tips for getting your yard back in shape after Mother Nature has reeked her havoc.

20 March 2015

Creating A Safe And Attractive Space For Vehicles - Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Lot


While it is an extremely strong and stable material when used in parking lot construction, the component parts of asphalt provide a clue as to its need for maintenance. Because asphalt is primarily comprised of sand, gravel, and tar, it shouldn't be a surprise that exposure to the elements can risk damage to your surface and require you to be proactive with maintenance. Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to maintain your asphalt parking lot.

12 March 2015

3 Tips For A Long Lasting Asphalt Driveway


Few building materials are as well suited for driveways as asphalt. Not only is asphalt aesthetically attractive but, when installed correctly, it will last for years to come. If you would like to learn more about best practices for asphalt installation, read on. This article will introduce three valuable tips for getting the most from your new driveway. 1. Begin with a gravel base. In the end, your asphalt driveway is only going to be as strong as what you put beneath it.

5 March 2015

Eco-Friendly Ways To Fill Cracks In Roads


When cracks appear in any hard structure such as a road, it's often energy-intensive to fill them up again. In fact, sometimes these materials are so badly cracked that they need to be completely torn up and repaved, which is both expensive to do, and bad for the environment. However, there are technologies out there that allow you to fill cracks in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way. Sunlight System One new approach researchers are working on is a self-healing system for hard surfaces.

26 February 2015