Residential Paving: How Much Sidewalk Are You Responsible For?


When sidewalks and walkways become broken, messy eyesores, you know that they need to be redone. Safety on these sidewalks and walkways to your front door could be an issue for anyone walking by or walking up to your house. The last thing you want and/or need is for someone to get hurt and then sue you, but how much of this concrete mess is your responsibility? When you hire a paving contractor, you should already know how much of this project is your responsibility and how much of it belongs to the city.

29 May 2018

Plain, Stamped, Stained, Or Asphalt-Covered: What Will You Do With Your Driveway?


As you head toward a new driveway installation, have you decided what exactly you are going to do with it? Modern driveway options are not just simple concrete or asphalt-topped concrete anymore. You have quite a few options beyond that.  Plain Concrete Plain old gray concrete; it is basic, it is functional, and it is quick and easy to install. It can also be quite boring by comparison next to some of your other options.

2 February 2018